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Who has the most 3 points in All-Star Game?

Craig Hodges holds the record for most shots made in one round (21/25), as well as most consecutive shots made (19) and most appearances (8). Stephen Curry (first round, 2021) holds the record with 31 points, albeit in the newer 40-point format.

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16 3-pointers
In NBA All-Star game, Steph Curry hits 3-point record, LeBron James gets the win Curry made 16 3-pointers and scored 50 points on Sunday night. But James, as MVP Curry put it, "hit the game-winner" for a 163-160 victory over Team Durant.Team LeBron's Stephen Curry, who scored 50 points, set the record for most three-pointers made in an All-Star quarter (6), half (8), and game (16), and was also named the All-Star Game Kobe Bryant Most Valuable Player. This was Team LeBron's fifth consecutive All-Star win.

Did Steph Curry break a record in the All-Star Game

Curry absolutely shredded nearly every record in NBA All-Star history, finishing with 16 three-pointers and a grand total of 50 points. In fact, the only record he did not break was Anthony Davis' 2017 mark of 52 points scored in an All-Star Game.

Mark Price was a sharpshooter for the Cleveland Cavaliers who never lost a Three-Point Contest (1993 and 1994). The four-time All-Star put together a very strong performance the year before by leading all three rounds of the shootout.Most 3-Pointers in a Game: Klay Thompson, 14 (Oct.Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors boast the record with nine three-pointers in an NBA Finals game.

Draymond Green congratulates teammate Stephen Curry on passing Ray Allen for the most 3-pointers in NBA history.

Who has the most points in the All-Star Game

Most Points Scored in the NBA All-Star Game

  • Anthony Davis holds the record with 52 points.
  • Steph Curry is second with 50.

Anthony Davis has posted the most points in an All-Star Game, with 52 points versus the NBA Eastern Conference All-Stars on February 19, 2017.

What is the NBA record for most 3-pointers in a game

  • Klay Thompson, 2018: 14.
  • Stephen Curry, 2016: 13.
  • Zach Lavine, 2019: 13.
  • Kobe Bryant, 2003: 12.
  • Donyell Marshall, 2005: 12.

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NBA All-Star Game 2022: Grading every player on Team LeBron and Team Durant. LeBron James has never lost as team captain in the NBA All-Star Game.Ep. 10 of the For Your Reference Podcast is out now! Listen on Spotify, Youtube, Apple or Google Podcasts.


Rank Player 3P
1. Stephen Curry 3234
2. Ray Allen* 2973
3. James Harden 2617
4. Reggie Miller* 2560

However, only three have successfully achieved the MVP three-peat: Bill Russell: 1960-63. Wilt Chamberlain: 1965-68. Larry Bird: 1983-86.Klay Thompson shatters record for most 3-pointers in a game
Taking on the Bulls, this Golden State Warriors star nailed 10 3-pointers in the first half alone.

All-Time Leaderboard: 3-Pointers Made

  • Stephen Curry. 2,977. 789.
  • Ray Allen. 2,973. 1,300.
  • Reggie Miller.

Grant Williams, Marcus Morris Sr. and Stephen Curry are tied for the most threes in a game 7, with 7 three-pointers.Stephen Curry

1 Stephen Curry 7561
2 Ray Allen 7429
3 James Harden 7247
4 Reggie Miller 6486

The 2974/2974 Record-Breaking 3-Pointer
This 2974 Collection celebrates each 3-pointer made in Stephen Curry's career through his record-breaking 2974th three-pointer.

1. Michael Jordan, 1988 (3.281)On the other end of the spectrum, the lowest points total in All-Star history was put up in the third ever All-Star Game in 1953 where the East and West shared just 154 points with the West coming out on to to record their first ever All-Star win 79-75.They hit an NBA-record 29 3-pointers in a 144-97 victory. Nine of the 10 Bucks who played hit at least one 3-pointer, with Jrue Holiday leading the way with six 3-pointers made.Oklahoma City Thunder Lose by an NBA-Record 73 Points – The New York Times. N.B.A.

The only player who is considered an ABSOLUTE GREAT WHO NEVER ONCE LOST IN THE FINALS is Michael Jordan. Havlicek, Mikan and Duncan also never lost. The rest of the players lost and so they are officially and forever out of the question of who is the greatest basketball player of all-timeChris Ford
Late in the first quarter, Chris Ford hits the first 3-pointer in NBA history. Six players hit 3s that night. Because Ford's 3 came in the first quarter of the early slate of games, it's believed his shot was the first in history.